Wild Magnolia Fall Line Up (Pt 1)

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If I think back to almost two months ago when I started Minimal Effort, I was sitting on my couch, afraid to click SUBMIT on the purchase of my site & domain name. I had fears like: what if I don't put in the effort to write every week? What if I feel my iPhone photos aren't good enough? What if I'm not getting views or I can't bring value to anyone...then I clicked submit. I dove right in, quite literally buying into my hobby to force myself to face my fears and make something of Minimal Effort.

Just 8 short weeks ago I was living in the new world of fashion blogging. Creating a website from scratch, then an Instagram, then a Pinterest account, totally not understanding how to capture people's attention as a newbie to this biz. If you had told me that soon I'd be doing photo shoots with local boutiques, I would have said AWESOME, but you're crazy!

Skip to now, and guys, I can't explain what an out-of-body experience this all has been. I want to take this moment to thank you all for your support & especially thank Wild Magnolia for teaming up with me to showcase their latest fall line! If you haven't read about my first adventure to this New Jersey Shore boutique, then you should read about it here! In short, I thought it would be a fun road trip and maybe I'd get some cute clothes out of it, but it was so much more than that! I've since met the incredible mother-daughter duo that runs the local shop and learned so much about them and their passion for this industry. I have so much respect for them for chasing their dreams and taking risks that most of us are afraid of doing. Plus, they have super cute clothes. Really, they're incredible!

So for all these reasons and many more, I couldn't be more excited to showcase their fall lineup. Take a look below and shop your little hearts out! Each product is directly linked to their site and I linked other brands, when possible.

If you stop by their shop or buy online, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@krystalanderic_) and show me what you got!

Long Sleeved Rib Sweater

Fit: TTS, I'm wearing a small

Seasonal Super Power: We start off this line up with what is quite possibly my favorite duster ever! The material is so soft and stretchy, perfect for warmer days where you just need an extra layer. Plus the dusty rose color matches EVERYTHING this season! See it styled differently here.

Other Items:

- Tank, Target

- Jeans, Windsor Store

- Booties, Target (see full review post here!)

- Hat, Free People

Long Sleeve Criss-Cross Dress

This one isn't available online - sorry ladies! I'll update with a link if they add it!

Fit: TTS, I'm wearing a small

Seasonal Super Power: You know those days where it's fall in your heart, but still summer in your town? This is the perfect solution. I love wearing dresses well into the fall and winter seasons (just throw on some OTK boots or tights to keep warm!). I loved this navy color since it's so versatile and can be styled across seasons. I'd also love to see this dressed up with a leather jacket, waist belt, and some heels!

Other Items:

- Rattan Bag, similar one from Amazon linked

- Boots are Mark Fisher from DSW but no longer sold, a splurge version HERE

Light Olive Ribbon Dress w/ Sleeves

Fit: TTS, I'm wearing a small

Seasonal Super Power: Another dress because I seriously love fall dresses. This is the perfect outfit if you live somewhere a little hotter but still want to feel festive. The green color is gorgeous and it features the cutest ribbon-tie back detail (PS if you like this dress, check out the tank version!).

Other Items:

- Boots are from Kohl's from years ago and are no longer made - similar style here.

Plaid Scarf

This one isn't available online either, but check out the Wild Magnolia retail store if you're in the area!

Fit: One Size

Seasonal Super Power: I love a good blanket scarf because of how versatile they are! You can wear it like a shawl (seen above) or wrap around your neck like a regular scarf. It was the perfect addition to this dress, especially on those chillier days!

Striped Sleeve Cardigan

Fit: TTS, I'm wearing a small

Seasonal Super Power: If you've read any of my posts, you know I can be a little color shy so let's talk colors for a moment. I have to admit I was a little nervous about putting this on, it's a lot of yellow. But the second I paired it with these moss green jeans, I fell IN LOVE. The yellow is totally muted by the deeper jewel-tones in the sleeve and I actually love the mustard accents that brighten the look up. This might be one of my favorite fall looks this year! My husband (and photographer), Eric, actually styled this one and convinced me to step outside my comfort zone and I'm so happy I did!

Other Items:

- Rattan Bag, similar one from Amazon linked

- Boots are from Kohl's from years ago and are no longer made - similar style here.

Cutout Top

Only navy is online, but check back since they add products to the site regularly.

Fit: TTS, I'm wearing a small, meant to fit loose

Seasonal Super Power: This material is awesome - it's super lightweight without being sheer and has a nice and loose fit. It's tunic-length so pair this with some leggings and booties and you have yourself a staple fall outfit! Wrinkle haters, beware though! The fabric does wrinkle so be prepared for some steaming maintenance. It's totally worth it.

Other Items:

- Fedora Hat, Amazon (see full review here!)

- Jeans, American Eagle Super High Waisted JegginG

- Booties, Nordstrom (see full review here!)

That's all for today, but hang tight for part 2 to be published later this week. Don't forget to tag @krystalanderic_ on Instagram or send me a DM to show me what you got :)

Happy Fall!