The Skirt of the Season

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If you guys haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a closet minimalist. Or actually, maybe the opposite of that considering my closet is probably the biggest non-conformist to my minimal lifestyle.

I'm only partially joking...

If you were to look at my closet today, you’d see what I consider a totally appropriate amount of clothes. It isn’t overflowing, but it certainly doesn’t look minimal either. Still, I find comfort in the amount that I have because I totally adore 98% of what I own and I wear those items all the time. I don't deprive myself of the joy of participating in less-versatile fashion trends (ahem, dad shoes) and sometimes even buy something that ends up sitting around for a little longer than I'd like. And that's okay with me!

The perfect example of this is a corduroy skirt that I bought from Forever 21 about a year ago. If you’ve seen any of my try-on hauls, you know that skirts are an item that are very tough for me to find. Standing at a whopping 5’4”, it’s nearly impossible to find skirts that fit in a flattering manner and also tend to cover everything that should be covered on a near 30-year-old. Sensing my sarcasm? Skirts are made short nowadays! But anyway, I found this skirt at Forever and fell in love with it. It’s super soft, a great fall color, and best of all: it sits so well and covers everything it needs to!

Basically, this is the first skirt I liked since I was in high school, so I decided to grab it right away. I also should mention I was going through a serious 70s phase and paired it with this shirt and immediately thought I’d be living in it for the rest of time.

Yep…naïve. Don’t get me wrong, the outfit is cute, but not crazy functional for anything that I do in real life (coming from someone who grocery shops on Friday nights. And when I get really wild, Eric and I go out for a late 6pm dinner). Skip to a year later, this skirt sits in the same place it did when I brought it home. I wore it once to a family dinner with a black turtleneck sweater & tights, which I loved, but even that was hard for me to fit into my plans.

Still, I LOVE this skirt and know it has amazing potential, so it made it through my last few rounds of minimizing (weighing on me heavily every time). This last week I finally decided: it’s now or never. Not only am I going to wear the skirt, I’m going to challenge myself to wear it multiple times throughout the month. This way, I can let it live up to its true versatility and get the use out of it that it (and I) deserve!

My favorite has been styling it with fun white accents like this Lulu's off the shoulder bodysuit and white boots. (PS if you haven't read all about these white boots, go read here!).

It has a fun '60s flare that feels totally different than when paired with the striped shirt. As you can tell, it was super sunny this day (and hot!) and it made me realize how awesome this skirt is as a transitional piece. Perfect for when it's fall in your heart, but still summer in your town ;)

BTW the bodysuit is TTS for Lulus, but keep in mind I always size up at that store and I wear a medium. The white booties are also TTS, but order "wide" (huge life hack) for ultimate comfort in the pointy-toes!

While I'd easily pair this skirt with white every time, I challenged myself to find some other outfits to show you some creative ideas. I love it paired with this fitted floral tee from Garage. As of 2020, Garage is no longer making this tee or any similar versions, sorry!

This tee is super casual and I've never worn it with anything besides shorts to hang around so I loved how it toned down the dressy-ness of the skirt! Plus I love the pop of maroon and how it matches with the camel velvet/cord.

It surprised me how much I loved the color pop so I decided to get bold.. and it paid off! Check out this plaid paired with it - doesn't this scream fall??

The plaid shirt is ages old too, but I found a similar one from American Eagle that might match even better here.

I plan on wearing a lot of neutrals and pinks this fall so next I paired it with another one of my go-to tops that I would normally pair with jeans. I just love how the bold skirt gives it a totally different look!

The shirt is Express' Downtown Cami and I've seriously never worn a shirt more than this one. It's delicate without being sheer and I love that in a little white tank! Plus the satin sheen finish gives it a nice look to wear to work under blazers and makes it the perfect choice for a date night out. The style comes in about a dozen different colors and is a serious must-have. It fits TTS but if you're between sizes or want a less flowy fit, size down.

The pink duster is one of my newest additions to my wardrobe and I'm obsessing over it. I love the dusty pink color and how silky the material feels. It took me a while to commit to a duster, and I'm glad I held out for this one. It fits TTS (I wear a small) and you can find it at Wild Magnolia. (PS: While you're there, check out all their great finds - I just did a fall shoot with them and their new arrivals were ah-may-zing!).

If the pink isn't your favorite, you can always swap it out for more neutrals, I especially loved it with this oatmeal colored cardigan from Target. Cardigan fits TTS and I went with my regular XS size at Target and it's still super loungy and cozy.

I'd also love to see this skirt with a black sweater and black boots, but I couldn't pair it for you since I cut my black sweater from my wardrobe last season. Overall, I'm so excited about seeing this skirt with so many options and can't wait to work the looks in this season.

On a side note, I decided to start a capsule wardrobe for the month of September and all these items are a part of my capsule! I can't wait to dive more into this challenge and continue to get creative with options I already have.

Let me know your thoughts about this skirt.. are you going out to buy one right now?? I honestly feel like it's slowly becoming a must-have versatile piece. While I love the fit of this skirt specifically, it's no longer available at Forever 21 (the pain of having this sit in my closet for so long...) but I found a few others that are similar in aesthetic and linked them below!

Happy shopping & be sure to tag @krystalanderic_ on Instagram in all your camel cord skirt outfits!

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