The New Minimal Effort

Hello, Krystal here! I originally started Minimal Effort in 2019 as a fashion and minimalism blog to share all my thoughts on minimal living and style. The fashion part of Minimal Effort built the largest audience, and I found my blog going down a path I no longer resonated with. While I loved sharing my tips and tricks, I quickly found I wasn't connecting with my content in the way I had hoped.

Meanwhile in early 2020, my husband, Eric, and I started to make a lifestyle shift. We made a decision to prioritize travel, which might seem crazy considering we have full-time corporate and location-dependent jobs. Before we knew it, we were spending every "free moment" planning our new travel-oriented lives. Minimal Effort seemed like the right place to begin sharing all our thoughts and plans.

So here we are, it's March 2020, we're both freshly 28 years old and are actively confusing friends, family, and coworkers at every turn by telling them we're ready for something different, something more. There's a tale as old as time (by now) of the up-and-quit-your-job types that leave their old lives behind to escape the hum drum corporate wold and chase freedom. While that's a cool story, that's not our story. To be honest, we don't really know what our story is yet, but finding out will sure be fun.

Right now our goals all revolve around one major life shift that we haven't yet announced in writing: remote work. That's right, we're a bunch of corporate kool-aid-drinking kids that aren't ready to give up our career aspirations or our love of global travel. So here's the start of our journey to find both.

PS: Thanks for being here in the beginning, I have a feeling it'll be a cool time!