Sunflower Field Date

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You already know how much I love a day date. I mean what's better than a full day spent with your spouse exploring and adventuring??

A few weekends ago Eric and I took a long-awaited trip to a sunflower field. Here's a little bit about sunflowers in case you don't already know:

1) They're my favorite

2) They're so majestic

3) They're incredibly finicky and only grow in the best of conditions

Because of these things, we've been wanting to visit a sunflower field for years. Also because of these things, we haven't been able to see them at all!

The first year we dated we had a fall activity planned every weekend, but the weather unfortunately didn't hold early in the season and all the sunflower fields were washed out. Then last year we were busy planning our wedding & honeymoon and missed out again (although it was well worth it!).

Flash to this year: we had no fall plans whatsoever and even more determination to see sunflowers! We bought tickets for one of the last weekends in September to go to Holland Ridge Farms in New Jersey for a fun day trip.

The sunflowers were gorgeous - and SO BIG! This was my first time seeing them in this type of environment and I couldn't get over how big they were. I stand by it - they're so majestic! But their awe-inspiring size wasn't the only thing that caught me by surprise...what was the most shocking is how loaded up they were with bees! I mean yeah, I know about bees and flowers, but had no idea that we'd be running from bees all day just trying to snap a few photos. It made for an interesting challenge...

But we prevailed! In my almost 28 years of life I've never been stung by a bee and the idea terrifies me. I'm not even being dramatic, I made it this long without a negative encounter with literally the most important animal (bug?) on the planet and I'm not trying to start now.

Anywho, the fields were gorgeous and it was so nice spending some time in nature. Bees and all.

Sunflower fields always sounded like a great fall activity to me, so it was a tiny bit odd that this day ended up being nearly 90 degrees. I had never been so happy that Eric couldn't convince me to wear jeans with him. (Side story: he's obsessed with fall and has been wearing fall attire since mid-August. He's incredible. And hilarious. Fashion is pain, I guess?) So I was very happy I decided to wear shorts and a tee. My shorts are from Express a few seasons ago and remain some of my favorite. My cropped tee is the best out there from any brand - I searched high & low to scope out the best one and this is definitely it! Click here to visit Francesca's to get your own. PS it's on sale for $20 right now!

I didn't feel autumnal enough so I added a plaid shirt from American Eagle (exact style no longer sold) to bring a bit of a fall element. I only slightly regretted this due to the heat. My shoes are my favorite ever - all white canvas Keds, which got tossed in the washer right after this trip (just another reason I love them so much)!

After walking around and battling the heat for a solid two hours, we decided to call it a day. We were starving and in need of some AC so we went to this adorable market on our way home. Eric had been trying to take me here for months but we always would end up doing something else. I'm so glad we finally stopped in!

The market was adorable - set up like a little European market with a hidden restaurant in the back. They also had local pressed juices that I've literally been dreaming about since we left. I want to go back early one weekend to experience the coffee bar without the crowd (although I have a feeling this place is never not crowded) so I can sip some coffee and pretend I'm in Europe while I look at all the fresh breads, cheeses, and local preservatives.

And this wrapped our latest day date!