MINIMAL EFFORT TIP: Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

Ahh, fall! The weather starts to cool off, we get a bit of a breeze. Before you know it, leaves are turning and you're surrounded by the flavors and scents of pumpkin and cinnamon. Time to break out the jeans, hats, and (most importantly) the boots and start layering up.

I don't know of a single person that doesn't love the fall. But there's a price we all have to pay before we are able to blissfully slip into our pumpkin latte... and that's the price of mother nature's confusing transition period as she slowly gives up summer.

I'm sure it's happened to you: You spend a gorgeous early September day outside for your Labor Day BBQ. You head into dinner reservations in a dress, skin still hot from the sun you caught earlier. Then halfway through your meal the sun starts to set, the wind picks up, and you're suddenly shivering in 54 degree temps. Is that just the Northeast? If you know what I'm talking about, then you know that August and September fashion choices must be based around pieces that are transitional.

Transitional pieces are ones that not only function in multiple weather conditions, but also typically embody the colors and textures of the next season. And this is a huge win because if you know one thing about me, you should know that I love versatility in my clothing options.

Decision fatigue is real and while I love pairing new outfits and coming up with creative ideas, I do not like having an overflowing closet full of endless combinations that I don't even have time to explore. To avoid the overwhelm of overflow, I am very selective in the buying process and purchase only what I know I can style multiple ways. I want to be able to dress items up but also wear them casually. I want to be able to wear them throughout the current season but also have options to wear them 3 months from now. Items with this sense of duality are critical to an efficient and effortless wardrobe.

I picked up a few new pieces this month to help me bridge my way into the fall and wanted to share them with you below. I'd love to hear about your favorite tricks for this time of the year and hear about your favs!

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First up, we have a few pieces from XOmandysue, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite online retailers! They describe their style as "a curated collection inspired by beachy feels and effortless style." I'm all about effortless style, I mean I named my blog Minimal Effort, so you get how serious this relationship is. (PS - I have a discount code for this shop, scroll to the bottom for more details on how you can save on all their cute stuff!).

For the first look I kept it comfy for a lounge vibe. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wearing this right now :)

For the second look, I stepped up the boho vibes and paired it with jeans and a hat. Loving this look for a day out on the town, shopping, brunch, etc.!

Be Kind Tee: I was so excited to try this shirt on, I pulled everything right out of the shipping bag and snapped pics. Don't worry, I've since ironed the neckline (and may or may not have put it right back on to write this post).

I don't think I've loved a tee as much as I love this one. The fabric is so soft, but what surprises me the most is that you totally can't see through it at all! Clothing manufacturers listen up - opaque factor is SO CRITICAL for white tees. XOmandysue perfected it! PS: how adorable is the positive message? I love how simple and strong it is!

Seasonal Super Power: This tee will match with literally everything: shorts, jeans, your gym outfit, etc. Class it up with a leather jacket and boots or keep it lazy while sippin' your warm tea in your lounge set.

The shirt fits TTS, but I actually sized up here to be able to tie it in front. Click here to view the shirt on their website and don't forget to use my discount code "minimal" at checkout to save you 35%.

Scroll on for another amazing XOmandysue find...

All Things Kimono in Teal: Talk about transitional pieces! XOmandysue hit it out of the park again - I seriously don't think I've ever had such a transitional or versatile piece. Ya'll know I like to keep my wardrobe simple and add a few accessory or accent pieces for impact so when I saw this beautiful floral print kimono with multiple colors, I knew I had to try it.

Seasonal Super Power: The blue is such a muted fall color, but the white and orange accents make it acceptable for any season. I paired it with both a summer and a fall/winter look to show you what I mean. So. Many. Different. Styles. Also, the fabric is also a light cotton that moves so beautifully.

This kimono is one size only so no hassle with right fit. I'm 5'4 and it hits perfectly in the front and back. It can also be tied (I have it tied in the back) to control how much fabric lays in front of your body versus behind.

If you're interested in xoMandySue, give them a look and use the code "minimal" at check out to get 35% off your entire cart! This will let them know I sent you. Be sure to send me a note as well that you used the code and tag me in what you buy!!

Next up, some Target finds...

Leopard Tank: Forget everything and go order this now - it's only$5 and still in stock in all sizes! I love the muted colors of the tank and how soft and stretchy it is. I paired it with black in this try on, but I'm also loving it with white jeans!

Seasonal Super Power: Layers are a girl's best friend when it comes to transitional style. I love layering tanks under sweaters, cardigans, and blazers to get the most perfect, seasonally appropriate look. The muted colors allow it to be carried into fall, but it's still a tank so great for hotter days.

Tank is TTS and I'm a small. It's super stretchy and seems dryer friendly (major win in my book).

Fall T-Shirt Dress: If you're a fan of effortless fashion, dresses need to be your go-to. Dresses are so simple, yet can make such a statement. I'm loving the idea of pairing this fall transition piece with some over the knee boots and a cardigan to spice it up.

Seasonal Super Power: This dress screams fall to me because of the color and material, but a warmer day doesn't rule it out. I loved it with these little sandals for a day out (pro tip: add a waist belt!) or style it with ankle booties or some over the knee boots to make it cold-weather appropriate.

Fits large, size down. For as much as I love Target, sizing was off here. I really wanted to *love* this dress, but it just wasn't happening for me because of the massive amounts of extra fabric in the waist. I expected it to be a bit shapeless since it's a t-shirt dress, but even with that in mind it was too baggy for my figure. Regardless, I'm obsessed with the fabric and color so I'll be returning to a store to try the XS and see if that makes a difference for me.

Make sure you use the code "minimal" at checkout at XOmandysue to save 35% on all your transitional staples and tag @minimaleffortblog on Instagram or comment below to let me know what you got!

Also head over to Target for all your fall needs - I have a few more pieces that I can't wait to share with you all!