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Princeton might be best known for its gorgeous Ivy League campus that sits right in the center of town, but did you know it's also a total foodie haven? This mid-size town offers up an impressive mix of diverse restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

From college-vibe breweries all the way to elite dining, you can find it here. We lived just outside of Princeton for nearly 10 years and decided to round up some of our favorites! Keep in mind all photos were taken before the global COVID-19 pandemic and restaurant openings may vary.

Dinky Bar & Kitchen

The Dinky Bar describes themselves as "a welcoming and simple bar offering locally-sourced, ingredient-driven snacks," which is exactly what you should expect to find. Their menu may seem simple, but each ingredient is carefully thought out. Our favorite plate here is the nachos, which is a classic nachos plate with some tasty additions like chick peas and a pomegranate seed salsa. Think it can't get any better? It does. The bar is housed in the original 1918 train station that connected Princeton to neighboring towns, and the owners kept all the old historic charm. It's also worth noting the bartenders here are incredibly skilled - don't miss out on their incredible alcohol-free craft cocktails, or for our drinkers out there, make sure to order a spicy margarita!

Hoagie Haven

Hoagie Haven claims to serve the best hoagies on earth (or anywhere else), and we believe them. They've perfected their craft over the last four decades and have succeeded to be the only fat-sandwich shop to make it on Main Street Princeton. And by make it, I mean line-out-the-door-every-day. Seriously. It's that good. The sandwich most popular with the locals is called The Sanchez, which houses a chicken cutlet, american cheese, mozzarella sticks, fries, and their famous Sanchez sauce. Not enough for you? Their menu only gets more impressive from there. You might want to skip lunch if you're planning on visiting this popular late-night spot.


The Tacoria is the best Mexican food in town (and the best decorated). Unfortunately, they weren't happy about us taking photos in the restaurant, so I guess you'll just have to take our word on this one. Tacoria's goal is to inspire others through their food and atmosphere, making this a must-stop on your Princeton Food Tour. Our favorite here is obviously the tacos, quite literally any kind of tacos. It's all amazing! If you're into spicy foods, get Pollo Tinga and make sure you stop by their hot sauce bar before you head to your table.

Arlee's Raw Blends

If the food options so far have your belly feeling a little heavy, have no fear - Arlee's juice bar is just around the corner to fuel your metabolism and give you that little extra boost of health. Everything at Arlee's is 100% raw, organic, and vegan! They fresh-press local produce on site and mix up some healthy grab-and-go options that are replenished daily. There's so much we love about this place, from the glass bottle recycling program they have to the in-store tasting experience. Go for the juice for but stay for the experience; every time we've been into Arlee's we've always had a wonderful time chatting with the associates. My personal favorite juice is the one with the beet base and Eric's favorite is the greens mix with apple. Give them all a try!!

Agricola Eatery

Agricola is our first thought whenever we are looking to have a nice night out. Between the amazing farm-to-table food and gorgeous ambiance, it's hard to say no. Agricola has amazing craft cocktails (and craft sodas!) and even better food on a rotating seasonal menu. No matter what you order, promise us you'll start with the their artisan cheese board - it's the best we've ever tasted and we dream about it often. Barring any global pandemic situations, make sure to make a reservation because Agricola definitely isn't our little secret. There are community-style tables in their bar area, but even those go quickly during dinner-rush.

There you have it - our tried & true favorites after 10 years in Princeton. Don't see your favorite? Let us know in the comments below where you love to eat when you're in town. Don't forget to check out our vlog on YouTube (posted above) and pin one of our graphics below to save this list for later!

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