New Hope Adventures

In case you haven't realized, I love exploring little towns! We travel far & near to all different towns to try and experience their charm first hand. We're lucky enough to live pretty close to New Hope, PA, which might quite possibly be one of the cutest towns you'll ever see.

New Hope is ages old and sits on the west bank of the Delaware River, which separates PA from NJ. There's lots of history in the town, although I regrettably admit we've never explored any of it because we've always been too distracted by it's gorgeous charm, nature walks, and foodie scene. Can you really blame us??

Through all my visits to New Hope I've learned quite a lot, including:

  1. There are too many people in the summer

  2. There are too many spiders after a rainfall

  3. There is quite literally no one there on a winter Sunday morning

We hate crowds & spiders, so we've avoided New Hope most of this past summer. We actually showed up once earlier this year and decided to turnaround and go home without even stopping anywhere because of the swarms of people. I guess our secret little town isn't so secret anymore! But fast forward a few months and we were missing ourselves some New Hope so we set out on a chillier day in November to spend the morning exploring and enjoying the town.

Our first stop might be a bit of an uncommon one, but we headed into Warrior, which is a piercing shop towards the start of the main street. I picked out a new tragus earring and had the pleasure of working with Sacoon for the swap. She was so awesome, especially because I can really badger people with questions when I'm trying to learn about something, but she had all the answers. I made sure to go back to her for all my piercing swaps when I had my surgery the following week. And I can't lie, I thought I was done with piercings but being around such a comfortable staff and environment really makes me want a new one (don't tell my husband).

We were starving after our Warrior visit so we grabbed a table at Greenhouse, which surprisingly was the only vegan-friendly place we were able to find open in town. Eric and I are both plant-based, but he recently decided to be full-in vegan about a month ago. We thought it would be impossible to eat out, but we've actually been able to find options with quite ease...until New Hope. For as old as New Hope is, it actually has quite the new-age vibe and I was really surprised and a little disappointed that the town didn't have more vegan-friendly establishments.

Even at Greenhouse itself, the vegan options weren't plentiful. I opted for cauliflower tacos and Eric got a sweet potato burger; both of which claimed to be vegan, but mine came with sour cream so I'm not entirely confident in that. Our waitress, who was a total sweetheart, wasn't sure if ketchup was vegan or not, so point is: I have my reservations about the validity of the vegan-ness. You win some, you lose some - no vegans were hurt in the making of this lunch so it's really okay for us. The food was good, not great, and we both had some doubts about whether or not what we got was truly vegan. How many times can I say vegan before I become an annoying vegan? PS between the two of us, Eric is the only one taking this serious and I ate all that sour cream.

After lunch we walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the town. In all honestly, I would have grabbed more shots but landmark photography isn't really my strong suit yet. Just take my word that it's super cute here :) here's a store full of rubber duckies:

We took a little nature stroll and shot some fashion shots on their trademark red bridges. If for some reason you're reading this and not aware of our Instagram, go give us a follow now! My entire outfit this day (including my coat and scarf) is from Old Navy & my shoes are oldies from DSW. I link all my outfits on my Instagram & let you know when my looks are on sale!

We had so much fun playing around we worked up another appetite and grabbed some of the most delicious treats from the Ferry Market. We discovered Sciascia Confections inside the market and fell in absolute love. They had plenty of vegan sweet treats, drinking chocolate for tasting, and the best - macaroons! We grabbed a couple treats and indulged before we even got back to the car...oops! For those following this for vegan friendly places, Sciascia is definitely the place for you! Also, Sprig & Vine is a great vegan restaurant in town as well.

Overall, an amazing day in New Hope!

If you're in the area, make sure you check out these local favorites in New Hope & let us know how you like it!

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