MOOD BOARD: Neutrals (Target Try On)

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I'm the first to say that a minimal wardrobe does not need to be a boring wardrobe. While I use colors and patterns to keep looks fresh, I rely on a tight-knit core of blacks, whites, and neutrals that help tie everything together. Neutrals are especially key going into the fall, when earthy brown tones are everywhere! This guide will you show you some amazing neutral pieces from Target in styles that are anything but boring!

If you want more views of the products below, check out my Instagram (@krystalanderic_) for highlight videos of my live try on haul.

First up is this brown snake print dress, which I absolutely adore. Snake print is beyond in this season and I didn't want to miss out on the fun! While I've been loving snake print boots, skirts, belts, etc. etc. I decided I'd get the most use out of a printed dress since I can wear it to work, out to a dinner, or even dress it down for a day look. I'm so happy with the neutral brown print because let's be honest, my wardrobe already has all the black and white essentials I could need!

I loved this dress with my gold Unisa sandals from DSW (no longer available, but similar here), perfect for finishing out the summer. I also plan on pairing this with some over the knee boots & ankle booties as the weather chills!

The dress fits TTS but there is room to size down without losing length if you're in between sizes. I'm XS/S and ultimately went with an XS for a better fit up top.

Our next neutral is this corduroy skirt in a winter white. Ladies, this skirt is unbelievable! The last time I wore a mini skirt that actually fit me properly was when I was a teenager and size 00. Ever since then, every skirt I put on is WAY too short and hugs in all the wrong places. I never gave up trying (you should have seen how many I tried on last year when cord skirts came back!) and ended up empty handed...until now!

This cord skirt is the perfect length. I can walk, sit, bend, and move without worrying that it isn't staying in place. Plus, the cord material is so soft but also structured so there's no riding up like jean skirts can do.

The gold zipper detail is adorable and adds just enough of an accent to keep it spicy! Not to mention white is so versatile, you can pair it with any other color base. I loved it with brown and orange accents for a fall look, but also paired it with black and white for a dressier, more boho vibe! I love being able to get totally different looks from one piece of clothing. It's minimal (you don't need as many pieces) and requires minimal effort styling (since it goes with so much)!

I'm especially loving the skirt with these white western booties, which really kick it up a notch (pun very much intended). You might not know this, but I take my sweet time when buying new shoes. I'll find a style I like and revisit it for months until I'm absolutely positive there's a place for them in my wardrobe. This might sound crazy (and honestly, it is) but I love shoes so much that's really the only way to control myself. When I started my minimal journey, shoes were the hardest to pare down on (accidental pun this time, but I like it). I truly loved every single pair, but regardless of how much I loved them, some would naturally go unworn. I had too many options to choose from, some that only worked for certain special occasions, and I always found myself opting for my favorite pairs anyway.

So now I try to be more mindful with shoe purchases; and let's be real, I still have way too many shoes. But if I notice I haven't worn a pair in a while, they're gone, and I make a mental note about whatever it is that wasn't working (style, color, comfort, etc.) and avoid that in future purchases. Other minimalists might cringe at my process, but hey, progress is progress!

Anyway, I bring that up because I had been eyeing white booties as a style concept for what seems like forever. Saved hashtags on Instragram and an album on Pinterest kind of stalking. I had talked myself out of them (and back into them) so many times and added them to my cart more than once.

I almost opted for a pair of leather Marc Fisher's that were super classy but I read some negative reviews around breaking in the leather and decided against it. I also didn't want to invest three figures into these not fully knowing how well they'd incorporate into my wardrobe, so that took basically all the big-name designers out of my scope.

I thought I had reached a dead end, that it just wasn't meant to be. Then, Target saved the day with these City Ankle Fashion Boots! Serious hot tip on these - all the regular sizes are sold out, but they still have wide sizes left. Order TTS in wide! No kidding, I typically need a narrower fit, but the wide version is super comfy and gives you more room in the toe (no more pointed-toe pain)!

These were such a win for me because not only are they adorable, but they're super comfy, there's no break-in period, and I don't have to worry about maintaining leather. These are also available in black & leopard and if you haven't read my post on leopard booties then jump on over there and maybe grab the leopard pair as well!

I kept the booties on to pair with this fun fall sun dress, which might be an oxymoron, but I dig a dress in the fall! This V-Neck Wrap Dress is a true wrap dress so you can adjust the tightness in the waist and the tie on the side, just make sure it's tied tightly!

The subtle floral pattern reminds me of fall leaves and is a perfect burnt orange color. Dress is TTS, I'm wearing an XS.

The sun finally decided to come out for my last outfit of the haul and between that and this knit cardigan, I couldn't be happier! After years of year, I finally had to retire my all-time favorite (and only) cardigan last season. I knew I would be missing this staple in my wardrobe so I was so excited when I saw target offering up this style. The knit is so comfy and loungy, but somehow really pulls a look together.

I paired it with a simple white tee and jeans for a casual look, but you could pair over top of any one of these outfits I shared. Fit is definitely meant to be a bit over-sized so keep true to size or even size down if you want it to be a bit more snug. I stuck with my normal XS here and love the length and the way it falls. I folded my sleeves up (per usual.. it's such a pet peeve of mine when sleeves cover your wrist!) but the length is actually a bit longer so you can cozy up in it as well.

Other styles mentioned in this post:

  • My brown suede boots are an old style and have been discontinued, but you can find similar here.

  • Woven cross-body bag was a random buy from from an international store, but you can find similar ones at Amazon.

I'm so excited to continue with these fashion posts and share my favorite outfits with you. I'm sure you'll recognize some of these key pieces in future posts since they're all so versatile!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these styles, neutrals, and how you control how many pairs of shoes you buy ;)