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When most people think of Nashville they likely think of hot chicken, honky tonks, and country music. But when I think of Nashville, my mind immediately goes to the fashion! I could (and totally have) spent hours on Pinterest looking at southern fashion, pinning my favorites, and figuring out how to wear cowboy boots in New Jersey without looking like an insane person. PS this is 100% true so make sure to check out my Pinterest & give me a follow!

Needless to say when we planned our trip to Nashville earlier this year, I was pumped to browse all the stores! I came into town with an overstuffed suitcase in tow and knew I'd only be able to buy a few things if I wanted to clear security on my way home. This made shopping a little tricky, but honestly was a great tactic that helped me not buy every single fringe jacket I came into contact with. If you're looking for a way to spend less money shopping, just make sure you don't have a way of getting it home (wish I was kidding).

On our first full day in Nashville we found ourselves actually leaving Nashville and going to a nearby small town named Franklin. Franklin has the most adorable main street lined with boutique shopping and fun restaurants - totally my pace. Some of the boutiques are higher-end than others and I nearly dropped to the floor in the first store when I saw the jacket I liked was $800. Not exactly in this girls price range (or size range for the suitcase scenario) so we moved on.

I'm glad I held out because I found the cutest little store called Jondie that called my name on a spiritual level. The women working there were so sweet, there was a sale, and they had the cutest variety of southern fashion. I found graphic tees, leather jackets, and the best selection of jewelry. I was actually trying on as many minimal-style rings as possible when Eric accidentally knocked over the entire stand of rings. I offered to buy them all ;) but they weren't even bothered. The one woman mentioned that they had a sister store across the street that had the same minimal-style rings but in sterling silver and that I should check them out before I purchased the ones I was trying on. I appreciated this so much because: 1) I'm really lazy ya'll and I don't want to have to take my rings off my hands every time I was them to preserve the metal. 2) It truly was a thoughtful suggestion, not something we get a lot of where I live.

We made our way across the street to Mimi + Dottie where I found the exact rings I was looking at in a higher quality metal. I ending up buying two minimal style rings that are SO CUTE. I love dainty jewelry and these rose-gold bands are the perfect addition to my hands. Plus, I'd have no problem fitting them in my suitcase on my way home!

We did some more browsing over the next few days back in Nashville, but honestly I wasn't drawn to much of anything. All I could think of was a faded graphic tee I had seen at Jondie a few days earlier. I decided a graphic tee would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe because of how versatile it is, plus it'd double as a fun souvenir! I was so happy when we decided to drive back into Franklin on one of our last days, and even happier when Eric surprised me by buying me the graphic tee I'd been dreaming of!

I'm so excited to bring these little flares of Nashville back home and work them into my style! Here are some must-visit stores in the Nashville area:

  • Jondie (Franklin, TN $$)

  • Mimi + Dottie (Franklin, TN $$$)

  • Franklin Road (Franklin, TN $$$$)

  • White's Mercantile (Franklin & 12 South $$$$) - Quick tip, the Franklin store had 10x better selection than 12 South. They had some awesome vintage looking graphic tees as well.

  • Vici (The Gulch $$) - I'd be lying if I said I didn't want everything in this store. We probably spent the greater part of an hour browsing. I unfortunately walked out empty handed because of my suitcase scenario but I can't wait to go back!

  • Kittenish (The Gulch $$) - Not exactly my style, but it was fun to check out Jesse James Decker's iconic store. There was a full blown Instagram-style shoot happening when we went, which obviously made me feel at home.

  • Uncommon James (The Gulch $$) - I ultimately decided not to visit this famous store front because I had already bought my capacity in jewelry, but from what I hear it's worth the stop in!

Shop this Post - The rings & graphic tee are not available online so make sure you check out Mimi + DOttie & Jondie next time your in town! Here are the other elements of my outfit tagged:

Fedora Hat Link Here.

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