3 Shopping Tips to Maintain Minimalism

'Tis the season of shopping and sales! Am I the only one that feels the need to reinvent my style every season? (Hello, #nsale!) Here are some tips that will allow you to take part but not over-indulge.

I feel season changes. Like feel them.

New weather, new flavors in our coffee, new color patterns, and of course new styles.

Then you have the sales. Sales on top of sales. Iconic sales. All the pretty things you love but don't need staring you down with new 70% off price tags. I'm here to tell you - don't. get. caught. up.

Okay, I'm really telling myself this. I've been feeling especially shoppy with the latest #NSALE. Looking at truly beautiful and quality pieces at amazing prices. And if I'm being honest, I even gave in to a few of them! After all, life is about balance and sometimes you want a capsule wardrobe and sometimes you want the leopard boots. Sometimes that's okay, it's up to you.

Here are 3 tips I live by to make sure I really want it and have a place for it in my life. Hopefully these will keep you sane in times like these, and maybe even the rest of the year.

1) Don't Get Caught Up in Deals

I know, I just lectured you about how it's okay to give in. And it totally is! Just not 100% of the time. Know the difference between wanting something because it'll add value to your wardrobe and wanting something because it's suddenly more attainable. It's a natural response to think the value of the item is going up because you pay less for it. But while the dollar value may be decreasing, you should still confirm the happiness value for you is increasing. If you're really struggling, ask yourself if you would have bought it at full price? If the answer is no, then you likely don't need it. If the answer is yes, move on to tip 2.

2) Know Your Style & Have a Plan

My favorite go-to trick when deciding what to add to my wardrobe is creating style boards. Mostly because I just do this anyway (#pinterest, #liketoknowit!) but it gives me a repository of ideas that I've been attracted to that I can reference before heading out to the mall. I love searching for inspiration online, and if you're reading this, then you probably do too! Start saving screenshots of your favorite styles and then take a look at them all and try to find common themes.

Then the hard part - stick to those themes when you're out shopping. If you know you've been loving leopard booties and full-length dusters, then keep your eyes out for those pieces. Try not to get distracted by other pieces that you didn't know you liked (or haven't fully thought through). Plus, it'll feel much more satisfying to buy something you've had your eye on versus something you just found out about. Stick to your plan and avoid buyer's remorse (and a bunch of minimizing) in the future! If it isn't on your style board, but you just can't part with it, head on over to tip 3.

3) Choose Versatile Pieces

Just in case you are heading out without a plan, you'll want to hear this one. The very core of minimizing means having less but more valuable things. For me, that means fewer overall pieces of clothing, but being able to pair them together to make various versatile looks. Throughout my minimizing efforts, I've actually found that I own fewer pieces of clothes but have more go-to looks. How crazy is that?

I'll do a whole post on how to choose versatile pieces, but if you're looking for a place to start I'd recommend starting with color palettes and patterns. I like to make sure my main pieces of clothing are solid (and often neutral) color tones. Dresses, jumpsuits, pants, etc. are all major pieces that are styled with smaller, complimentary pieces. Keeping your major pieces solid colors allows you to experiment with looks using brighter and bolder accessories. For example, think of how many outfits you could pair with a black t-shirt dress versus a bright bohemian tassel Free People dress. So don't get FOMO with the next big sale - jump in and challenge yourself to find versatile pieces that will make multiple outfits instead of being blinded by one piece that will only result in one look.

So there it is, stop stressing over missing the next big sale. Stop thinking you can't be minimal because you like fashion. Get out there and use these tips to figure out the right pieces to buy and continue to refresh that style!

Have any go-to tips yourself? Share them below, I'd love to hear them!