MOOD BOARD: blacks, whites, and leopard

The easiest way to change up an old outfit? Swap the shoes! And this season, swap in some leopard booties. Seriously, it's worth it.

Shoes have been my go-to lately for adventure. You already know I love a minimal wardrobe with lots of solid colors, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Lately I've been really attracted to accessories that make a statement against outfits that otherwise would be a little plain. I've seen leopard booties around online for what feels like ever - and this summer I finally thought - it's time!

After months of pinning them, I decided to join in on the fun. I took a leap of faith and purchased myself a pair of leopard booties! It was the perfect timing with Nordstrom's latest anniversary sale, and I actually scoped out two pairs of leopard print block heel booties.

Halogen Leopard Booties

Halogen Alexa Boot $129.95 | Halogen Abbi Bootie $139.95 (NSALE: $89.90)

Halogen offers both options, the Alexa and the Abbi, which seem to be generally comparable except for the black detailing featured on the Abbi. Oh yeah, and the Alexa didn't offer any NSALE discount. (2020 Update: Both these shoes are in stock at Nordstrom Rack and are both under $60!!!) Linked above and below.

If I'm honest, I tried grabbing the Alexa, but they sold out before I could get to them. I decided I'd order the Abbi to try on with a few outfits just to get a feel and see if I could commit to the look.

But there was a change of plans, because once I had the Abbi's in my hand... I fell in love. This bootie is PERFECT. I wasn't sure about the black detailing online, but in person it's exactly what the look needs to tone it down.

Being that it's the hottest day of the year, I immediately paired these with an all white get up. I love the boldness of the pattern against a simple white duo.

If only you could see the chaos happening between each of these photos. I'm new to this blogging scene and outside of my regular Instagram-selfies, I don't have any tricks or best practices with the mirrors in our apartment. I lugged our bedroom mirror out to the main room to try and get some neutral background photos. Once I decided this wasn't going to work long term, I hauled the mirror back into the bedroom.

About an hour and multiple re-positions later, I realized I was still wearing the booties for all this activity. Did I mention it's the hottest day of the year? But they were just SO comfortable I hadn't even thought to take them off to move the furniture.

So they're adorable, fun, AND comfortable? What a win. I needed to see these with more options.

Thinking these are my new fall go-to, I paired with some cooler-weather outfits.

This time I brought in my favorite off-the-shoulder shirt from Lulus. The dramatic sleeve matches the energy of the boot and the white jeans really pull it all together for a classier look.

Sticking to the black and white theme, I then tried these with my favorite black jeans and a crop sweater. I've been loving these black jeans all summer and I'm excited to bring the rocker vibes into the fall with them.

I paired the boots with some blue jeans and dresses as well, and I have to say I wasn't the biggest fan. Black and white jeans will definitely be my top choices for these wild booties.

I did want to exercise some color options though (realizing not everyone lives in black and white) and I added a red cardigan to an all black get up. I love the pop of red with the animal print and am already obsessing over pairing these with my red peacoat this winter!

I learned a few lessons this day.. One being that I should plan out my mirror positioning before I start trying on outfits. Two, maybe get a lighter mirror. Three, STOP holding out & get yourself some leopard booties.

Totally comprehensive review that makes my entire blog post obsolete but you should still read both:

Exact Product: Halogen Abbi Block Heel Bootie Sizing: TTS and a side-zip closure and small elastic stretch gives it room in the ankle. Comfort: So. crazy. comfortable. Approved for work, city walking, and moving furniture. Style Tips: Primarily loving these with white and black jeans. Would also be great with leggings or faux-leather. Pair with something edgy for serious rocker vibes (lace, leather, ripped jeans) or with something simple and understated to let them talk on their own. Add in pops of color as you please, my favs are reds and pinks. More leopard style favs on my Pinterest board. Overall Review: Underrated product of the year. I now see why every blogger owns a pair, these are seriously the most versatile and fun accessory. Be wild!