Lambertville NJ Food Tour

Check out our Lambertville Food Tour video for even more fun foods and awesome behind-the-scenes action of this article:

During the last year, it's been really important to us that we do our part to support local businesses. One way we do this is by visiting restaurants and filling our stomachs with the best local food we can find! I know, sounds terrible, right?... :)

Lambertville has been a long-standing favorite town of ours, and we often make our way over for one of the best cups of coffee we've ever had from Rojo's Roastery. This time, we switched things up a little and decided to visit 3 new places to try out some of the best food in this small river town.

Humble Cafe + Bakery

Humble Bakery is nestled in the most charming little building right in the heart of Lambertville. If you look too quickly, you might mistake it for one of the area's gorgeous homes. This plant-based cafe opened it's doors just weeks before the pandemic made time stand still, and boy are we glad they persevered through the storm. Offering mostly plant-based options, we were in heaven choosing from their menu. We tried a variety of food including: quinoa muffins, raspberry almond banana muffins, specialty jams, and a beet flatbread. As if that wasn't enough, we also fell in love with their vegan mac n cheese. Seriously, watch the video above to see this review - the food was awesome!

Meta Cafe

Another local favorite tucked away in a cozy little corner of Lambertville, Meta Cafe is home to a small, but delightful menu of food and specialty craft coffee. We had the pleasure of trying their limited time Mint Mojito Latte and it did not disappoint! The perfect mix of minty mojito fun, sweetened with simple syrup, and the proper kick of a nicely brewed cup of coffee had us on cloud 9. Hot tip - we weren't able to order a decaf blend here, which made me a little sad. But don't worry, I snuck in a few sips of Eric's fully caffeinated blend (shhhh). Don't get too distracted by the coffee though, the food here is also amazing. They offer plenty of (non vegan) charcuterie and sandwich options, that look just as amazing as they taste!


Marhaba is definitely some of the best middle eastern cuisine we've ever had! This is a must stop on your visit to Lambertville to enjoy one of their falafel, chicken kebob, or shawarma dishes. Or actually, try all of them. It's that good. If you have the chance to dine-in, we also highly recommend it so you can take in the traditional decor. Finish off your dinner with some classic Turkish coffee (beware, this is strong!) and wrap up the night by walking downtown Lambertville!

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