Favorite Casual OOTD - Weekend Coffee Date

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I posted this look on Instagram a few weeks ago and you guys loved it so much that I thought I'd share it on the blog, too! Seriously, this photo got such an amazing response that I felt like I cracked some kind of social media code. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised though, this look rocks! It's definitely one of my go to looks for a casual day out.

This striped linen top is from the Zara menswear line and it's absolutely perfect. I bought this end 2018/early 2019 and I can't find a link to it online anymore (so frustrating, I know & I'm sorry!!!) but I did find a few similar looks for you to check out:

I'll be sure to update with a Zara link if they happen to bring it back!

The white crop under my button down is the Free People Skinny Strap Seamless Brami and it's seriously the softest material I've ever felt. It's so stretchy and comfy that I also wear it to bed! Fit runs a little small; I sized up to a medium and I'm very happy with it.

My jean shorts are old school Express button fly shorts. I bought these over two years ago and still love them but Express has changed the style since. Here are the closest ones I found this season!

I paired this outfit with my favorite sneaker, Keds Canvas Originals! You can never go wrong with some white Keds!

My favorite part about having a minimal wardrobe is how often I get to wear my clothes. I love everything in my closet so every item becomes a "go-to" in one way or another. This really paid off for me a few weekends ago when we decided to head up to the mountains after work to visit my family. I was rushing to pack so we could get on the road and quickly grabbed a few of my favorite outfits, this one included. It was super easy to pull a few of my fav looks and know I was in good hands.

A great outfit deserves a great time, so on our last day in the mountains we went out and tried a new breakfast spot that had opened in my hometown. This place was AMAZING and their oat milk lattes were out of this world.

The breakfast was also incredible...I truly haven't ever seen food like this. Very gourmet and true to heart for "brunch" style. My breakfast burrito had quinoa in it (so good!) and Eric went with this incredible presentation of what is essentially a waffle, an egg, and a super fancy (and yummy) sauce. I was so impressed with the vibe of this place in what is otherwise a pretty sleepy town.

We found out the spot is locally owned & operated (major bonus) and we can't wait to get back! So excited that we found this place - and that I got to match the wallpaper :)

Let me know if you have any questions on this outfit or leave a comment below with your favorite brunch place!