Famous NJ Foods

Ever wonder what type of foods NJ is famous for? Turns out, the garden state likes crazy bagels and sweet coffee. We added in a few extra sweet treats of our own to top off the day. Watch the full food tour here:

The Bagel Nook

The Bagel Nook went viral on social media for having some of the craziest breakfast combos you could imagine. Think combining your favorite breakfast cereal with your favorite baked bagel. The only element that could possibly make this better: their fruity and candy-like cream cheeses!

This was our first time at the Bagel Nook and we were slightly worried it wouldn't live up to it's name, but honestly...it surpassed our expectations. We ordered hot and fresh bagels, drove them home nearly 40 minutes away, and those sandwiches were still the best we'd ever had! We opted for one fruity combo and one classic sandwich. The fruity pebbles bagel was baked to perfection and had fresh strawberries in it's whipped cream cheese. The classic breakfast sandwich consisted of egg, pork roll (taylor ham, anyone?), and cheese.

Not into the fruity sweets? No problem, try your hand at something a little crazier like a Doritos or Oreo bagel!

Rook Coffee

Rook Coffee is a bit of a cult-classic in this state. I had lived here for over 5 years when I had my first Rook and I don't think I became an official New Jerseyan until that day. Perhaps the most famous blend is their New Orleans style coffee, which is described as "bold, smooth, and choclaty." It's also incredibly sweetened upon preparation, so caution to those who typically like a coffee-tasting coffee.

The famous crow logo for this local coffee brand can be seen on their cups as well as on car fenders across the state, serving as a visual reminder to make the trek over towards the shore to finally try one! When you do arrive, be prepared to wait, and have an idea of what you want to order (it's never a good idea to get in between a decaffeinated Rook lover and their order!).

There are plenty other sweet treats that New Jersey has to offer - check out the video at the top of this page to see more of our favorites!

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