Fall-ing in Love with Fall

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I am so into fall this year! Typically I'm hanging on to summer with all my might, cursing the late-August days that are too cold to be at the pool. Cringing at the pumpkin-flavored everything lining the aisles of every single grocery store and coffee shop. (Lovingly) rolling my eyes at my husband who buys and orders every single pumpkin-flavored thing in our path. But not this year!

It's mid-August and I'm finding myself seeking out all the fall fun already! I've been trading basking in the sun for basking in new fall fashion trends (did you see my posts on leopard booties and fall transition pieces?!), opting for road trips to new towns instead of spending hours at the pool, and searching for cooler days where we can leave the windows open without getting heatstroke. I even recently picked up an apple pie scented candle - and we have a solid 3 weeks of summer left!

Around these parts winter is our longest season. We don't even get pretty winters; it basically snows just enough to get in the way of your day and make everything a wonderful wet-brown color. Then there's the random storm of 3 feet of snow that only seems to hit when you're stuck working late in the office 45 minutes from home. Spring barely exists (super sad about this). Summer is a mix of too-hot or too-rainy days with no in-between relief. And then you have fall, which honestly is always pretty dependable for some beautiful days and outdoor activities. It's no wonder everyone loves this season!

As much as I'm excited for the pumpkin patches and hayrides, I'm actually most excited about finding my groove in fall fashion. Right after I wrote my post on my favorite summer to fall transition pieces, I found some more amazing items that are absolute must haves for fall. I also wanted to share details on the hat you've been seeing in posts since it's truly going to be my favorite fall accessory this season and is under $18!!.

Belt Buckle Fedora Hat: Let me start this off by saying that I jumped into the fedora game very late. I bought my first one last fall after months of trial and error. I bought from major department stores, cool indie boutiques, big bohemian brands, and NOTHING. I mean plenty of hats, but all of them were just off in some way and I ended up returning them. Too wide of brim, too large, wobbly, too tall. You name it and I had a hat to fit it. After literal months I finally found one that stuck, and I still like it, but it doesn't hold a candle to this hat. Oh yeah, and did I mention this hat is from Amazon?! They say sometimes the best things are sitting right in front of you...

This fedora is only going for $16.45 and it's Prime eligible! I wish I could tell you that's the best part, but the fit is just SO incredible! It's adjustable (which I've found is a must have for me) and is well-suited for those who are smaller-skulled :). Oh yeah, did I mention it comes in 14 different colors? 14 different colors. The minimalist in me is scared for what's to come. I went with black for versatility but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't eyeing up the deep red, navy blue, olive green... so amazing for fall and winter!

Next up we have a combo that I already linked in my Cape May Day Trip post, but it was just too cute to not share again. You already know how much I love layer-ability, and this tank is perfect for the summer/fall in-between days.

Clay Knit Tank Top with Back Ribbon: This adorable tank caught my eye immediately. It's from Wild Magnolia and fits TTS. I'm wearing a small in the photos and you'll notice it's meant to be a bit flowy. The material is knit so there is some natural separation/ sheerness to it, which is why I paired it with a lacy bralette from the same shop (details below). Although I do think a neutral strapless bra would go unnoticed under it if you want the ribbon to speak for itself.

Ever So Soft Bralette: In case you missed my Cape May Day Trip post, this bralette is pure magic!! It's nearly identical to the Free People Adella ($38), except for a few key features. The Wild Magnolia dupe is lined (hallelujah) and is much more structured. If you're not quite sure what that means, just know I've gone through 3 Adella bralettes because of how dainty and delicate the lace is; BTW the Adella isn't washer friendly either, but I think the Ever So Soft will wash well. This Wild Magnolia version is only $28 and feels thicker but is still super soft.

I recommend ordering TTS in this bralette or ordering up if you're in between sizes. I'm a small in most tops, but prefer a medium fit when it comes to bralettes. I'm a medium in both the Free People Adella and this Wild Magnolia one.

The husband let me borrow his mandolin as a prop - now if only I could play a few notes!

Next stop, Nashville! ;)

Wythe Leather Band Felt Hat: Free people still gets some love though for this hat! Like I said above, this was my first ever fedora and it took months to find a style I liked. This hat comes at a higher price tag than the one above ($58), but is still a solid win for me. The pink/beige color matches with so much and makes it approved for all seasons!

Rampage "Vedette" Booties: These booties were a Christmas gift from my sister two years ago and have since been revamped by the company. The new model is still cute & they're sold at Kohl's & on Amazon.

With how much I'm adoring fall this year, I'm sure there will be plenty more fall fun posts coming your way! Sign in at the top of this page to get notifications for new blog posts and be able to comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit, tips for playing the mandolin, and any fall plans you have coming up this season!