All My Emmas (this will make sense eventually)

I'm one of the manic few in the universe who enjoys Mondays. I love them dearly. I love them for the same reason I love mornings, an intense workout, and that crazy rush you get when you accidentally down your double-shot americano.

If the only thing you got from that last paragraph is that I'm crazy, then you're not wrong, but you probably also don't see the value of Monday. You see, each Monday is a fresh start, a new beginning. An opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the week. That feeling of having everything you could want right in front of you is so empowering, so motivating. It makes me want to run out there into the week and grab it and make it mine. (Okay, that's probably the double americano talking, but still, similar feeling).

I love mornings for the same reason, it's that fresh start on a micro-scale. A really intense workout makes me feel the same, so motivated that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. And lastly, do I really need to explain why caffeine is our friend? Didn't think so.

Now I know this feeling isn't universal. In fact, I bet if I were to say any of what I just wrote out loud to any person in my life, they would look at me like I had three heads. If I were to say it to my husband, he'd ask me if I've had the chance to phone my far-away planet and report back to my home colony on what I've been up to on Earth. But I want to make Mondays special; I want to share this love for fresh starts and help you experience this feeling every Monday, too!

And ta-da! We have the birth of a new blog series: Mindful Monday.

(Real unique name, might as well have called her Emma.*

*Which is the most common name in the US right now according to Google in case you didn't know. And I'm sure you didn't know, because who even knows someone named Emma, let alone multiple women named Emma? No disrespect to anyone named Emma - truly, beautiful name. Anyway, sarcastic rant over.)

Mindful Monday will be a blog series coming at you hot and fresh every Sunday night to help you start the week off in the right mindset. Plan on seeing articles with tips for creating an intentionally meaningful life with practical ways to start today (or Monday).

I hope you follow along for all the fun, cliche moments we're about to have. But most of all, I hope you take a little positivity into the week with you and remember that you have the whole world in front of you. And honestly, if you still don't feel that way, grab yourself a double americano :)

Much love!