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We took a Connecticut road trip that started in the woods of Bethlehem and headed to the ocean, where we made our way up the coastline, stopping at all the most famous spots. Our trip lasted us about a week, but if you're feeling ambitious (and hungry) it's easy to check a few of these places off in one day! Below we've listed out all the famous restaurant stop offs (plus a few of our personal favorites) in the state. Hope you're hungry!

Popey's Ice Cream Shoppe - Morris, CT

Famous Must-See

The best ice cream in Connecticut is hotly debated, but we decided on trying Popey's which has been serving up delicious sweet treats since the 70s. Over it's time, it was voted the best ice cream in the state at least once and has been known for their crazy flavors. Eric got a classic sundae loaded with with peanut butter candy and chocolate, which means I didn't go anywhere near it, but I'm taking his word for how good it was. This ice cream shop's menu was much larger than we anticipated and is guaranteed to have something for even the pickiest of eaters.

Allora Coffee and Bites - Norwalk, CT

K&E Personal Favorite

Allora, established in 2019, might not top the charts of Trip Advisor yet but it should. This vibey coffee shop quickly became our favorite while staying in Norwalk. Once we discovered it, we visited it every day for their signature drinks. If you're in the area during the fall, make sure to ask about their home-made pumpkin syrup that they use in the Veneto Latte. Or if you're feeling a little spunkier, my favorite is the D'oro Latte, which is their take on a golden latte using a house made blend of ginger, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg! And as if that isn't reason enough to visit, the baristas were incredibly friendly and fun. It felt like hanging with old friends even though we were totally new to town.

Coffee An' Donut Shop - Westport, CT

Famous Must-See

This photo may only show a handful of donuts, but we ended up running in and getting more after our first bite! We are *picky* about donuts, and haven't found anything that rivals Shipley's in Texas...until this place. Seriously. Coffee An' Donuts is a popular stop on the campaign trail and is widely known around town. We stopped in expecting some great donuts but left with full hearts, too, as the staff and customers were so incredibly nice! Every person in the shop gave us advice on what to order when they heard we hadn't been there before. The short answer? EVERYTHING!

Louis Lunch - New Haven, CT

Famous Must-See

As you continue to make your way up North you have to stop in New Haven, which might just be the ultimate foodie stop in Connecticut. We couldn't believe how much food history was here, and we wanted to try it all! Your first stop is Louis Lunch, home of the first hamburger sandwich. Yep, you read that right. While hamburgers had been around for a bit of time, Louis Lunch was the first restaurant to place it between two pieces of bread and make it a sandwich. And ta-da, an American tradition is born. There's no room for confusion with the menu when ordering, you get the true original sandwich: hamburger meat (on the rare side), cheese, onion, and tomato placed between two slices of white bread. Not a meat lover? No worries, keep it moving on to the next step in New Haven.

Sally's Apizza - New Haven, CT

Famous Must-See

Is it just us or does CT seem to have more food feuds than any other place? The competition lives on in New Haven with the battle of the best pizza. New Haven pizza, that is. The difference? Well, not much to us, but it's coal fired thin crust pizza and apparently it's been around for a long time! It's rumored that Frank Sinatra used to make the trip from NYC just to get the "apizza" famous in this area. While it was certainly fun to try, we're not sure it's worth the upwards of a 2 hour wait (for pickup!).

Muddy Waters Cafe - New London, CT

K&E Personal Favorite

Another personal favorite of ours is found a bit north in the coastal town of New London, CT. For any Casey Neistat fans out there, this is a must stop! Muddy Waters, often featured in his vlogs, was once-owned by Casey's father and is a super local coffee shop. It seemed to be full of regulars, but everyone made us feel at home. Make sure you stop in and grab a coffee and a treat and check out the gorgeous view they have from their back deck!

Captain Scott's Lobster Dock - New London, CT

Famous Must-See

Last on our list is what might possibly be the best food we had while in Connecticut - Captain Scott's Lobster Dock! This hidden bay-front restaurant is famous nation-wide for the best lobster roll you'll ever have. The best part? It lives up to the hype! We tried both the hot and cold lobster rolls and had to stop ourselves from ordering more. They're that good. Also, a seafood place has no business serving up cole slaw and fries as good as they do. Everything they touch is gold, make sure not to miss out on this one!

We had the chance to try plenty of other restaurants for take-out during our week long trip, here are some other highlights that we highly recommend:

  • Organika Kitchen (Southport, New Canaan, Ridgefield)

  • Good Hope Dumpling and Ramen House (Norwalk)

  • Thai In Love (Thomaston)

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