Latest Trend: Chunky Fashion Sneaker

Run, don’t walk for the latest trend: the fashion sneaker. Actually, maybe don’t run in these either. Seems like a poor idea.

Not many of the latest 90s trends have spoken to me, which makes me feel a little like I’ve abandoned my own ship. The bright mis-matched colors and windbreakers are fun, but those styles will always feel a little childish to me. Despite my direct avoidance of Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters the last year, I have to admit I’ve been eyeing the fashion sneaker for a long time. Not just any fashion sneaker, the chunky, wide, old school branded dad shoe. That’s right – the same woman who says windbreakers are exclusive to those under the age of 11 is the one who’s been secretly pinning Dad Shoes on Pinterest for months. I confuse myself sometimes, it’s okay.

Believe it or not, the East coast doesn’t have the quickest adaptation to the latest style trends. Geographically, living midway between Ivy-League elitists and shore people, I’m surrounded mostly by the Vineyard Vines country club folk, which is fun in its own regard, but certainly not too accepting of West-coast freedom vibes. I’m confident in my craziness so I don’t tend to be too bothered by stares when I’m out locally and taking a bit of a fashion risk; however, the dad shoe was a look I was nervous to rock around my local Jersey grocery store.

So when I finally gave in and bought a pair of FILA Disruptors last month, I made sure it was timed right before our trip out to Texas. I thought I’d surely have more fashionable freedom out there to get comfortable with this new look and be able to bring it home confidently.

FILA Disruptor 2 Premium Mono (UO Exclusive)

I jumped right in and paired these with my airport outfit. I normally wear a sporty outfit to the airport anyway and their chunkiness doesn’t make them back-pack friendly, so on my feet they went! I actually love the way they look with leggings and the sleek, elongating effect they have for your legs. In case you don’t know, there’s a full 2 inch platform heel built into these babies!

I’ll repeat – a legit platform heel built into these. Great for sexy legs and fun outfits, not great for airport navigation. I definitely got a calf workout just walking around the airport. I probably should have broken them in…

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After a solid 10 hours in them, we checked into our AirBnB and I was dying to get them off. The height of the shoe near the heel is much higher than any other shoe I have (even sandals) and my ankles were quite aggravated by the fabric. My arches were also sore, which thoroughly surprised me. For how much room they have in these kicks, they should be able to build in some better support!

That less than optimal first-time experience resulted in these sitting in my suitcase the next few days as we ran around exploring Houston. I wasn’t jumping at the idea of using these for city-walking or exploring. In retrospect, duh.

It wasn’t until Austin where I decided to give them another chance. By then, I had healed (mentally and physically) from the original abuse and really wanted to rock them with a fun 90’s inspired outfit for our roller-skating adventure. This time, I slapped on some band-aids where the shoes were rubbing and I grabbed a pair of my husband’s socks. They were way large, but I bunched the extra fabric around the heel and ankle to give myself some barrier. Plus, I think the #VANS logo really added a playful element!

PS: I know this post is about the shoes, but the ‘fit really translated to the skates as well. Take a look 😊

Lastly, I decided to wear my new dad shoes to an outdoor pool party on the 4th of July. Only a few notes on this:

  1. They were the most perfect accompaniment to my red, white & blue bathing suit. Loved the casual aspect of having sneakers as well.

  2. Our adventure to the natural pool turned out to be about a 2 mile hike through the woods. The shoes held up, allowed me to grip the earth and rocks, but let's be real - I would not recommend anyone take them off-roading :)

To be honest, I had a ton of other outfits I could have paired these with, but ultimately decided I had my fill at this point. I also learned my lesson from our first travel day and stuffed them in the checked bag so I could wear my regular sneakers home. With that being said, I will be giving them another shot and think I’m now ready to wear these around locally. I’ve been exploring different outfit options and am even loving some fall ideas with them. They’re definitely not a go-to, but the jury is still out on whether there’s a place for these in my wardrobe long-term.

From a minimal perspective, I’m always so nervous to buy high-risk items like these exactly for this reason. But overall, I’m really happy with the fun I’ve had with them so far and think they will be worth the purchase even if I retire at the end of this year. I love stepping outside my comfort zone with fashion and this definitely rocked my boat. What’s the biggest fashion risk you’ve taken? Was it worth it? Am I alone in the thought that windbreakers shouldn’t be used outside of their function of protecting from the elements?

Totally comprehensive review that makes my entire blog post obsolete but you should still read both:

Exact Product: FILA Disruptor 2 Premium Mono Sneaker - $65.00

PS - this specific style is exclusive to Urban Outfitters

Sizing: Urban notes that these run small and you should order .5 size up. My experience is consistent with this and I'd recommend the same. I'm typically a 6.5 and I wear a 7 in these.

Comfort: Low. I expected these to be much more comfortable because of how fluffy they are. I will continue to use band-aids on the ankles under my socks to counter act the rubbing.

Style Tips: Loving these with leggings, jeans, and shorts. Live into the 90s vibe with a decade-inspired graphic tee or class it up with a blazer. For the extremely bold: pair with a bathing suit for an outdoor pool party. Skip the hike. More chunky sneaker style favs on my Pinterest board.

Overall Review: I'd get much more use out of these if they were more comfortable. The lack of comfort pushes me towards similar options that are more versatile. Despite this, I do still love the unique look they bring to outfits and the 90s flare.