Cape May Day Trip

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It's time for another day trip! You already know how much I love exploring little towns so you shouldn't be surprised we had back-to-back weekend plans of day trips exploring cute little places. This time we took the trek to Cape May, New Jersey. And I mean trek. For as much as I love exploring, you'd think I'd be into road trips...spoiler alert: I'm not.

I max out after 4 hours in a car, which might seem a little snobby, but honestly you wouldn't want to be in a car with me for any longer either. Something about sitting that long makes me anxious and antsy (not to mention carsick). In this household, any place requiring a 4+ hour drive is reached via plane and any place over 2 hours typically requires an overnight stay.

Cape May is just over 2 hours from our town, but we decided to tough it out and make a day trip. (Okay, more like I decided to tough it out; unlike me, Eric LOVES driving and is happy to spend copious amounts of hours in a vehicle. At least I have a driver for these moments!) Anyway, we decided to take the day trip because honestly, Cape May is worth it.

Eric's family has a long history of visiting Cape May so it's a really special place for him. As a native Pennsylvanian country girl, I never understood the pull to what is literally the southern most tip of the state. I mean there's beaches along the whole coast, why do you have to go to Exit 0?? Then two years ago Eric brought me down there, and I realized it's unlike so many of the other shore towns in New Jersey; it just has an elevated presence.

We decided to break the drive up a bit and stop off at a town just before Cape May to visit the Woodland Village. We had never been there before, but the cutest little shop caught my attention on Instagram and I just had to check it out. The Village is this tiny collection of shops that feature a ton of local business/vendors/artists plus a cafe and a candy store.

How cute right?? We were in desperate need of coffee so we decided to pop into the cafe first, which happened to be a cafe, a candy shop, and an entire collection of memorabilia dedicated to the 50s. We grabbed coffee, checked out the 50s room, and chatted with the ladies a bit. Eric even changed a light bulb for them! I always joke about how Eric loves to strike up conversation with literally everyone, but these ladies were just the sweetest! It was only natural that he offered to help with the light bulb; they gave him a free cookie in exchange. Needless to say, this Village stop off was already an incredible experience!

After we were feeling fueled up - it was time to explore! We snapped a few more photos and went into all the shops. My favorite was Wild Magnolia, a local shop run by a mom & daughter team (love!) that features a collection of trendy bohemian clothes and accessories. This was the shop that originally caught my attention, and it didn't disappoint!

I was too captivated by the array of products to snap photos inside (sorry!! hashtag new blogger problems), but I didn't walk away empty handed! Although I wanted nearly everything, my minimal mind kept me true to my core and I picked up an earth-toned tank that gave me serious 70s vibes and a bralette to pair with it.

We pause this lifestyle post to bring you a fashion review:

Don't worry, it's worth it. This knit ribbon tank caught my eye immediately because of the fall color palette and adorable tie-back. It is a bit sheer so I grabbed a lacy earth-toned bralette from a nearby table to try on with it. And this is when the magic happened.

THIS BRALETTE - why was I ever paying $40 for an unlined, thin, and delicate lace bralette from Free People? Yes, it's adorable, but I'm actually on my 3rd version of the Free People Adella bralette because my first two ripped from just a few wears. Not exactly minimal or valuable. This bralette from Wild Magnolia is nearly identical to the Free People style, but such better quality. It's sturdier than my Free People version and is lined/padded, which for me is a huge win. Here's a sneak peak at how I plan to style the items:

I'm obsessed with both these items! I'm doing a whole post on this outfit, but if you want to check them out before then, know they both fit TTS and the tank has a nice flowy vibe to it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program:

Tank and bralette in hand, I check out with my new items and strike up conversation with a woman in the shop who happens to be the mother in the mother/daughter ownership model I mentioned before. Can I just tell you how much I love interacting with local businesses? There's nothing more genuine than talking with someone about their passions and efforts, it's just an experience you can't get at larger retailers.

If you're ever in the Cape May County area be sure to check them out, but lucky for you (and me) they're online too! Let me know if you find anything you like and be sure to tag me in your posts :)

You can find their online store here or follow them on Instagram.

Leaving the Village, a part of us felt like the highlight of the trip had already happened. Everyone we met was so sweet - literally everyone - and we had a blast shopping the stores. But it was time to move on to Cape May and see what we could get up to there!

First thing first, more browsing! We love walking through different shops to see all the amazing products they offer. It's funny, I never used to understand window-shopping, but now I feel like that's how I spend a majority of my time. I love seeing new things and appreciating them for their art/function/etc. When it comes to clothes, I love getting ideas of new styles and I'm constantly snapping pics of things I like to file away in my mental Rolodex!

One shop we stopped at was Olde Pear Primitives where we got to check out some amazing local artists. We were overjoyed to see them carrying Agnes North Designs - Eric's aunt's beach-inspired sea glass work. Isn't it beautiful?

Cape May itself is beautiful so we also took some time to take in the sights of the brightly color Victorian homes and businesses. The color here is so amazing - perfect for blog photo opportunities :)

We finished off the day with some more coffee (for Eric) before our drive back home. I'm very proud to report I didn't even fall asleep and I kept him company the whole time! Cape May definitely has more to see and explore (we didn't even go to the beach!) but I loved our little day trip to the Woodland Village and Cape May.

Cape May, thanks for having us!