Why Are We Here (dramatic, I know)

Hello & welcome! My name is Krystal and I'm super excited you're here.

You could be here for any number of reasons. Here's a little bit about what got me here...

I come from a very small town with humble beginnings where the goal growing up was to always take the "right path" to find ultimate success in life. I did this for a while, allowing myself to fall into decisions that others had made for me. Graduate high school (no, I'm not arguing with this one), go to college, study business, secure a job working for a Fortune 500 company. Stay in said company, dedicate all your free time to it, climb the ladder, and don't ever evaluate your emotions or question the path.

Truth is, that plan was fine.

I got comfortable being comfortable.

Until one day I decided to change my tune. Okay, more like one year I decided to change my tune. I got bold. I decided to re-evaluate my values in life. There was only one catch - I had never evaluated my values to start with. This sparked the beautiful journey of finding myself, my happiness, and all that comes with that.

A lot happened between then and now, but that's a story for another day. Long story short, I realized our values are constantly evolving, just as we should be, just as our lives should be. I'm now on a mission to continually challenge myself and do what I love.

I'm starting this blog as a way to document my current values & interests. I'm also using it to help spark my creativity so I can find new interests. You'll learn I love getting outside of my comfort zone, adventuring, and trying new things.

I hope you find some interest in what I find interesting. Or, don't.

Either way, here's to being here. And figuring it all out together :)